Industrial Painter Columbia

We Paint It was asked to clean the interior of several small silos on the northern side of Columbia SC.  The short lead time and small size of the job could have been a challenge.  When the call came in our entire crew was already in South Carolina thus enabling us to meet the quick turnaround needed.  The company had stainless steel silos installed that had been stained with road grime during transportation to Columbia South Carolina.  We were able to give them a fair price and the quick service they needed.  With the knowledge gained from our company safety training the crew was able to quickly move through the site specific orientation, and begin the confined space procedures.  By the end of the day all of the silos had been safely cleaned, were ready for use and We Paint It had another satisfied customer in Columbia South Carolina.


Chemical Lime in St. Matthew was in need of an industrial painter and went with the services offered by us.  The bolt together silos were to be sand blasted prior to coating with an epoxy and a urethane.  The silos were completed one each year in order to meet budgetary requirements.  The final result was a high quality job completed by an experienced, well trained and safe crew.  Another happy customer in the great state of South Carolina.

Industrial Painting Needs 

Operating a factory presents many challenges that the average person does not think about. One of the things that every industrial facility needs from time to time is an industrial painter. Columbia is a great location for a factory because it will be in the service area of We Paint It for the times that you need an industrial painter. Columbia is just one of many locations for this business. 

We Paint It

We Paint It is a full service professional industrial painting company. In addition to factories, we also paints silos, storage tanks, assembly plants, water treatment facilities, and power plants. We are a fully insured, dedicated company that specializes in work as an industrial painter. Columbia is one our main location of service, but we also cover towns in the surrounding area. 

Better Products, Better Service

At We Paint It, we want to make sure our customers are satisfied. The best way to do that is with great products and great service. We use coatings that are high grade and durable so that your company does not waste time and money on having your facilities painted frequently. We know that a factory that is being painted is a factory that is not making any money, so we do everything in our power to make the process go as quickly as possible. Our service is top-notch, with countless satisfied customers who needed a fast, expert Columbia industrial painter. South Carolina will benefit from facilities that are cleaner and safer thanks to We Paint It. 

Know You’re Getting the Best Quality

Our quality is backed up by the people who have been satisfied with our work. We use excellent materials to make sure your paint job will last long term. You can have great peace of mind as one of the main features of the factory–its paint–is in good hands.